At Bombay Ammonia & Chemical Company, our mission is to maintain and grow our firmly established foothold in the ammonia industry by consistently delivering efficiency, quality, and reliability. Our core values revolve around loyalty to our customers as we navigate through various industries and customer applications. We are committed to ongoing enhancements and solutions for ammonia applications, contributing to sustainable growth and advancement of the industries and customers we serve.


Bombay Ammonia & Chemical Company, a cornerstone in the Ammonia Sector, renowned for our commitment to efficiency, quality, and loyalty, promises to lead in dependability and excellence. Our Vision involves further expanding our footprint and cultivating lasting relationships with customers and partners. Through a commitment to consistent quality and continuous improvement, we play a pivotal role in the evolution of the Ammonia Industry, securing our legacy as a reliable and indispensable contributor to the marketplace.

Our Products
Anhydrous Ammonia

Anhydrous Ammonia, with the chemical formula NH3, is a versatile chemical that exists as a liquid under high pressure and low temperature, vaporizing when exposed to higher temperatures or the atmosphere. It is used across various industries such as Rubber, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, and Refrigeration, in both liquid and gaseous forms. At temperatures exceeding 450ºC, ammonia decomposes into Hydrogen and Nitrogen gases, possibly at lower temperatures with suitable catalysts. There are manufacturing plants in Mumbai and Telangana with capacities for cylinder and tonner filling, as well as bulk supply options up to 2500 M.T. per month, available in returnable cylinders and road tankers.

Aqueous Ammonia

Aqueous Ammonia, also known as Liquor Ammonia, is a safer alternative to Ammonia Gas, with lower vapor pressure. It is used in various industries, including Rubber and Pharmaceuticals, with a chemical formula NH4OH. Available in concentrations of approximately 25% w/w, it comes in different packaging options. The manufacturing plant in Navi Mumbai produces 2500MT per month, and the Telangana plant has a capacity of 500Mts per month. The product is supplied in HDPE drums, Jerry cans, or Road Tankers, meeting specific quality standards, including FCC IV compliance. 

Anhydrous Ammonia Formula

 Chemical Formula : NH 3

UN No. : 1005

CAS Registry : 7664-41-7

HS Code: 28141000

Aqueous Ammonia Formula

 Chemical Formula : NH 4OH

UN No. : 2672

CAS Registry : 1336-21-6

HS Code: 28142000